Sliver (thesliver) wrote,

Is it really you?

From next year first time applicants for a UK passport will have to have a personal interview. This is supposed to be so that they can verify the person in the tiny photographs (already countersigned by some solicitor or similar as being a faithful likeness), is the person getting the passport. In future no doubt it will also involve the 7-9 different biometric tests and then everyone will have to go through it.

Hmmm, that will make it harder to forge them no doubt.

There was a man from the Passport Office on the radio yesterday defending the price rise up to £51 of the passport and saying it was very secure from being forged because it was digital.

Hmmm, see doubt above.

This is on the same day that the Head of MI6 opined that ID cards would be of no practical use as they'd be forged.

The original posting in the new journal is here

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