Sliver (thesliver) wrote,

Police and State inextricably adjacent.

With the new Drugs Act one has to give written consent before a physical search of the person (and presumably inside the person), can take place. This sounds a step forward. In the same breath though the legislation adds, unless it is considered that consent is being withheld unreasonably in which case consent can be implied.


So Mr Pisspot you are refusing to grant us written permission whilst lying prostrate on the floor with three beefy police officers pinning you down and my gloved finger about to invade your rectum, I have no alternative but to imply that you have given consent by unreasonably refusing to give that consent.

Under English Law the basis of being policed is that of consent from the public now even the implied consent of refusing it is no longer required. The principle of arrest was very clear in policing. A policeman has no more rights than anyone else in arresting someone, they are citizens whose job it is to protect life and property but do so under the same restrictions and controls as any other citizen.

Or rather they were. Under the new regulations that came into force in the New Year a policeman can now arrest someone for any offence whatsoever even if it be ever so minor. A citizen can now only arrest an individual for an indictable offence.

Since being arrested is sufficient cause for search and sufficient cause for search of premises and home there are now no controls on any fishing expedition mounted by the police on any individual. You truly can be arrested for stealing a sandwich from Pret a Manger and then have your gaff turned over for possession of drugs, arms, fertiliser and insecticide or whatever else it is that's high on the Chief Constable's list of undesirable products this day.

The Government has handed over the keys to the Police and now we must trust to their benificence in how they use those keys. Blair will undoubtedly wrinkle his eyes in disgust and simper simultaneously (a very peculiar performance and singularly performed by him) at the notion that we live in a Police State but the position is clear.

Police States are eminently safe and secure for those that the Police happen not to be interested in, we must individually pray now that we do not attract their interest.

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