Sliver (thesliver) wrote,

On how to close the show down

We had the unfortunate experience of watching Casualty on BBC 1 on Saturday night. Yes it had become hackneyed and the thinly veiled attacks on government policies on the Health Service and they'd pretty much run out of actors with liverpool accents. Oh no, they hadn't they'd moved to Holby City instead, I forgot that.

Anyway in one of these generational lurches that the BBC does from time to time they decided to give a new lease of life to the aged Casualty by sending it to Cambodia. ER in the Sudan this was not. Apart from the arthritic plot that had look now!, look here is this plot point!, yes here!, right this one! punctuating it it had some of the most grotesque acting I've seen since, well Eldorado.

It wasn't just the 'Charlie' guy waving his hand in front of his face and mouthing 'Phew' at the heat, when he wasn't sweating and it looked more like Chertsey than Cambodia; it was Simon Mc Corquindale who was acting as if melodrama had just been invented, the timing was bad, the words thrown on the floor.

In fact it was so bad I think it was on purpose. Not only was the script execrable and the acting paper thin but the cutting was clumsy, the timing between McCorquindale and the asian guy afraid of asians on the same phone was attrocious.

So, I think the entire production, the crew, the writers, the actors, their wives families and far flung aunties have all conspired in the face of a 48 week series to bring it to its knees and have it taken off.

It takes an awful lot for the Beeb to take a show off, but this time I think all those involved in Casualty have succeeded.

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