Sliver (thesliver) wrote,

Being brought to my knees

No this is nothing in the least bit salacious and there are no pictures of me on my knees, kindly pass on by.

Two events did bring me to my knees this week, my own personal virus which started at the top of my head and then made a semi permanent home in my throat and upper respiratory tract. It is currently still causing my nasal membranes to pump ever more quantities of mucus and I have no energy.

The other event, or series of events, was Microsoft's second Tuesday in the month which I forgot all about. I don't know why, perhaps its like your partner's monthly cycle that you manage to forget about it until it gets in the way of what you want to do or something.

The original posting in the new journal is here

I tend to leave everything switched on as 100% of all the hardware failures I've ever had in over 25 years have happened when I've switched something on (that's not true of course but it sounds good). That also gives Microsoft the opportunity to do the good which is known as updating the OS with the critical patches and rebooting the machine leaving it at the login prompt.

Mostly that's just the inconvenience of waiting for everything to be reloaded that infests the system taskbar and which seemed like a good thing to install at the time but now you've no idea where it is or whether its really uninstallable now. As an aside, this is where hard disk failures really come in handy they get you to clean up by starting from scratch.

On my enormously sinister and extremely fast Alpha Super Micro, called Bridge of Sighs and that's a clue Super Sekret Project fans, (now I'm beginning to sound like Jerry Pournelle for God's sake), that takes less time than my nose to fill up with mucus to reboot and get logged in but that doesn't help when rebooting screws up what you were doing.

I was in the middle of a very long SVN merge from trunk to the stable branch, actually I was in the middle of the third attempt. I was away (probably coughing or attempting sleep), when Microsoft stole the tiller and it was still in the middle of the merge.

The merge didn't complete so the stable branch was unaffected, which was good. My tree was foobarred, no that's too much of a euphemism, it was fucked. Reverting the tree did nothing at all and svnmerge was wrecked.

So that meant recreating a working copy of the branch and starting all over again since in the meantime of course there had been other checkins into the trunk that were needed.

So, given the sluggishness of my brain this week and the time it takes to merge, fix collisions and then commit, it took up the whole of Friday.

Then I could say something about build machines not being immune to the Microsoft reboot of joy, but I won't.

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