Sliver (thesliver) wrote,

Applications are now closed...

The form where you could apply yourself to join the Beta test for The Venice Project™ is now closed. Those that have already applied should either have received their invites now or will be in the very near future.

This doesn't mean you can't get to play with it, but you will need a direct invitation either from someone involved directly in the project or an existing beta test user that have been granted their own set of invitations. This is pretty much similar to the way that gmail was given wider exposure by Google.

So if you have already applied don't panic, you will get an invite. If you haven't then being nice to me probably isn't going to work (like that's a surprise). Yes I will invite people when I have spare invitations but I won't acknowledge it here and they're scarce even for me (for good reason).

I've seen pleadings for invites in a few places, JOS and one Ebay auction (nothing to do with us), which just goes to show that this method does work. Yes of course we want to create a buzz about The Venice Project but at the same time we do need to manage the ramp up.

The original posting in the new journal is here

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